County Strokeplay 2020

The Dublin County Board Ladies and Gents Strokeplay Championships for 2020 will take place in Shandon pitch and putt club on the 25th July for the Ladies and 26th July for the Gents.  The entry forms will be sent to all club Secretaries in the next couple of days.  The closing date for entries will be July 17th and no late entries will be accepted.   We ask all clubs to pay by bank transfer or cheque, we will not be accepting cash as payment for the entries.  The Championships will be run with the Covid-19 PPI protocols in place and we will issue the protocols to all clubs and publish them on our media outlets prior to the 25th July. All grades will be played over 36 holes.  It’s important to remember that personal responsibility and your own judgement are more important than ever.  Players must take personal responsibility and decide whether they are happy to enter the Championship.  We all have a responsibility to protect ourselves and those around us.

We are extremely grateful to Shandon pitch and putt club for the use of their course and we look forward to hosting our Dublin members again in a Championship setting.

A special thank you to Drain Doctor Dublin for their continued support and sponsorship of the Dublin Gents Strokeplay.