World Cup Golden Goal – DCB Fundraiser

Ireland are not in the World Cup this summer but it doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun! Stephen Keating from the Old County club has helped us organise a bit of fun and a bit of fundraising at the same time – We would like to thank Stephen for organising this for us.

Basically we are focusing on the Germany & England group games. We have Golden Goal tickets for each and they are now in circulation – contact you club delegate or Dublin Board Rep for more info or to buy a ticket. Tickets cost €10 and will show you a specific number for either the German games or the England games – this number represents the minute of the match. This is the minute that you will have for each of the three group games that Germany or England are involved in (Whatever Country you get). If the first goal is scored in that minute – you win €150. If you have the minute either side of the first goal – you get €20.

Best of luck to all and please support where you can.