Kevin Blackburn Grip Results

The officers of the co board wish to thank all who entered and played over the weekend.Also the people who looked after the cards etc. and the 4 clubs for the use of their courses.The presentation of prizes takes place on Friday 1st November at 9 pm in the Glenville club.
O/All 72 nett L/Town C T Ward,R Harkin,T King 137
2nd 72 nett Lucan H B Blake, P Blake, B Blake 138 1/3
3rd 72 nett Ryston B M McMarlow,T O Keefe, F Manix 139 1/3 back 9’s
O/A 72 gross Cement A J Campbell,I Donnely,J Campbell 155
2nd 72 gross Glenville D G Flanagan,J Joyce, J Kelly,157
Gents 72 nett Old Co I J Canning,F Browne,M Kellett,140 1/3 back 9’s
Gents 72 gross St.Bridgits I Dillon,J Delaney,P Kelly 158
Ladies 72 nett RGSC K D McNulty,S Doyle,R O Brian 143
Ladies 72 gross St Bridgits F M Byrne,C Byrne,M Keogh 178
Mixed 72 nett RGSC F M Dooley,D Dooley,K Kynes 139 1/3
2nd 72 nett RGSC M D Mulroy,J Mulroy,M Mulroy 141
72 Gross RGSC C T O Reilly, S Keely,J Smith jnr 165
G/ville 18 nett Collinstown C M Ayres,W Ayres,K Flanagan 32
G/ville 18 gross Lucan J A Malone,D Hayden,D Hayden 39 back 9’s
Lucan 18 nett CPM D A O Donoghue,K O Donoghue,T Quinn 31 1/3
Lucan 18 gross Old Co C K Murphy,P McGreal,T McEwan 38 back 9’s
RGSC 18 nett McDonagh A A Hughes,A Ryan,D Slattery 32 2/3 back 9’s
RGSC 18 gross Shandon C D Sutton,D Nolan,B Coleman 38
CPM 18 nett RGSC G F Cleary,M Cleary, M Moore 31 2/3
CPM 18 gross CPM A D O Reilly,D Healy,D Thornberry 38