Important Strokeplay Information

The Dublin County Board Strokeplay takes place this weekend in Shandon pitch and putt club and our League Secretary Junior Smith has put together 3 helpful videos that all players should make themselves familiar with.

The weather forecast currently states we are in for a potential wet weekend so players should come prepared as there will be no sheltering, sharing of umbrellas or leaving the course to get wet gear.

PPI dress code is in operation, any player not complying with the dress code will not be permitted to play. The PPI dress code is detailed down below.

How to use Putt Buddy

We will have the putt buddy ball retriever attached to the flags so players can safely remove their ball from the hole without touching the flag.

Putt Buddy

Rule 8.1 The flagstack shall be removed from the hole before a player plays a stroke on the green. This rule has been temporarily suspended by the NEC.

Rule 10.22 (ii) Ball holed – a ball is “holed” when it lies within the circumference of the hole and all of it is below the level of the lip of the hole.

How to Smooth Irregularities in a Bunker without a Rake

Rule 6.3 After playing a stroke, which leaves the ball clear of the sand bunker, the player must on leaving the sand bunker, ensure that irregularities in the sand bunker made by his/her feet or club head, are smoothed out.



On the 6th hole, the bunker at the front of the green has now been removed and the area has been grassed. As a result the area is now deemed Ground Under Repair, the video explains how to drop your ball should the ball come to rest in the GUR area. Rule 5.1 Lift and drop the ball not nearer the hole at the nearest point of relief.