Dublin Matchplay – Sat/Sun 1st & 2nd September

Congratulations to our first finalists as Glenvilles Luke Devlin & Daragh McGibney qualified in Portmarnock on Friday in the U-16’s. Thankyou to Portmarnock for taking on the rearranged competition and it was encouraging to see their juvenilles in action, some for the first time in outside competition.

The Gents Senior will now be played in Glenville with check in set for 09.10 this Saturday morning (1st September). The draw will take place at 09.20 and matches will commence at 09.30.

The Ladies Inter & Junior is also in Glenville, please check in for 12.30pm on Saturday, as the draw takes place at 12.40pm with matches commencing at 12.50pm approx.

There will be no Ladies Senior competition due to the insufficient entries.

Gents Inter & Juniors will be in Lucan.

Inter’s please check in at 09.10 this Saturday morning (1st September) with the draw taking place at 09.20 and matches commencing at 09.30.

Junior’s please check in in for 12.30pm with the draw taking place at 12.40 and matches commencing at 12.50 approx.

All Finals will take place in Lucan on Sunday with matches commencing from 11.30am approximately.