Dublin Leagues Fixtures 2018

The following are the remaining fixtures
Senior Gents
May 15th Glenville v Portmarnock
Old Co v Lucan
May 22nd Lucan v Portmarnock
Old Co v Glenville
May 29th Glenville v Old Co
May 30th Portmarnock v Lucan
June 5th Lucan v Old Co
June 6th Portmarnock v Glenville
June 12th Glenville v Lucan
Old co v Portmarnock

Final winners v runner up
Date and Venue TBC
Please note P.P.U.I dress code applies for all matches.

Inter Gents
May 14th Glenville v Old Co
Lucan v Erins Isle
May 21st Old Co v Erins Isle
Glenville v Lucan
May 28th Erins Isle v Lucan
Old Co v Glenville
June 6th/7th Lucan v Old Co
Glenville v Erins Isle
June 11th Lucan v Glenville
Erins Isle v Old Co

Final winner v runner up
Date and venue TBC

P.P.U.I Dress Code applies in all matches