League Secretary Interview

The Dublin Leagues for Ladies & Gents kick off tonight and we thought we would catch up to the League Secretary, Junior Smith, for a few of his thoughts!

Junior, you come from a true Pitch & Putt family who have literally seen it all and wrote the book! There is so much we could talk about and maybe we could re-visit you at the end of the season to do just that? In the meantime, we really wanted to focus on your current role on the Dublin Board.

This is your 3rd year as Dublin Co. Board League Secretary. How are you finding it? 

I’m enjoying the challenge as League Secretary…. yes frustrating at times but I’m still willing to try keep Dublin leagues a big part of our season.

What made you put your hand up and get involved?

I got involved to help our sport and knowing our board were short on numbers so decided to take on the challenge of league secretary.

We see you have got the support needed and changed the League format for Gents after changing the ladies recently. Can we ask why it has been changed and what you are hoping to achieve?

Simply because the old format was not delivering the numbers required and  change was a necessity to try create a new impetus. I appreciate the support I have received and understand not all members will like the new format but let’s give it a chance and hopefully we regain the interest in leagues in Dublin. I feel this new format ( mixing the grades) can bring a bond between club members as I have , by intention, created a club team …. not a grade team.

What will it take to win the new League, do you think?

Commitment…… to attend and fulfill fixtures 

Harmony……. Senior players supporting lower grade team members….. encouraging them to keep going to gain that precious win / half that could be the difference in making a final . 

Practice…… be great to see the grades mixing together and creating an enthusiastic atmosphere to our sport

Are the Leagues important to Dublin pitch & putt?

Yes …. I feel the leagues are of great importance to Dublin Pitch and Putt . Firstly it creates a strong competitive environment between our clubs. Also most of our game is played in stroke play format so it brings a freshness to our players . While I love players having fun and enjoying our game…… I do feel we need more focus to the competitive side of our sport and with leagues I feel we can achieve this.

The leagues commence week starting the 13th May. I assume you will be out and about during the leagues as always? Is this important to you?

Yes kick off is May 13 ….. with our Ladies starting us off . Yes I will be out attending games during the League campaign and feel it’s important to give the clubs /players support and help in any way that’s required . As you know Darren I feel it’s my duty to be out on the course

Where would you like to see the Leagues in the next few years? How will you measure success?

Going forward my wish would be to see more of our members participating in our leagues which in turn would drive our game forward and also the possibility of different formats in the future.

Any final messages to league competitors?

My final message to our league competitors would be to be patient with our new format, embrace it this season and let’s regain a strong feeling of representing ‘ YOUR CLUB ‘ !!

Remember the dress code …..aaaaahhhhhh !!

Enjoy your leagues and thank you to all.

Thanks indeed Junior and best of luck with the season ahead.