Inter Co Teams

The trials process is complete for all teams the following players made the teams,
Ladies seniors
G Ward, G Hoey, S Elmes, M O Toole, P Balfe, P Condron sub H Greagsbey.
Ladies Inter
G Holland, M Fulham, L Grace and M Dooley
Junior Ladies
M Salmon,B Boyle, C Mulvey and S Ritche

Gents Seniors
J R Crangle, G McGreal, J Smith, C Gallagher, A Malone and G Healy sub T Ryan.
Gents Inter
G Walsh, T McMorrow, A Mithen, T Ward, T Brady, B Gorey sub D Egan.
Gents Junior
S Needham, D Roy, J O Connor, K Potter,J O Keefe final two places will be decided at co board meeting on 23rd July.
Congrats to all players and thanks to all took part in the trials process, also our thanks to the clubs for the use of their courses.