Dublin Strokeplay Qualifiers

Well done to everyone today at a beautiful Ierne course. The following players will join the holder JR Crangle of Loughlinstown and have made it through to the finals in RGSC in a few weeks time.


90 George Mcgreal (Old County), 90 Paul Nolan (Ierne), 91 Jason Larkin (Ierne), 93 Gary Healy (Loughlinstown), 94 Hubert Kelly (Loughlinstown), 96 Derek Courage (Ierne), 96 Dennis Monaghan (Shandon), 96 Damien Creevey (Lucan), 97 Chris Gallagher (Lucan), 97 Anthony Malone (Lucan), 98 Junior Smith (RGSC), 98 Kevin Corcoran (Old County), 99 Thomas Ryan (Portmarnock), 99 Eoin Mithen (Loughlinstown), 99 Tom O Reilly (Old County), 100 Stephen Murray (Old County), 100 Colm Byrne (Ringcommon), 101 Tony Buckley (Ierne), 101 Joe Joyce (Glenville), 101, Julian Kelly (Glenville), 102 Aaron O Droighneain, 102 Niall Lenihan (Shandon), 102 Karl Murphy (Old County), 102 Stephen Power (Old County), 103 Sean Cadogan (Portmarnock) B18, 103 Fred McMahon (Lucan) B18, 103 Andy Lowe (Old County) B18, 103 Kevin Bermingham (Old County) B18,
103 Gary Byrne (Ierne).

Trials / Missed Cut: 1st Reserve: 105 Paul McGreal (Old County) on B3’s,
2nd Reserve: 105 Liam O Reilly (Old County), 3rd Reserve: 106 Paddy Noonan (Lucan), 106 Philip Sweeney (Lucan), 107 John McDermot (Lucan), 107Charlie Panell (Ierne), 107 Brendan Crean (Ierne), 111 Mick Walsh (Ierne), 113 Darren O’Reilly (Lucan), 115 David Poole Jnr (Portmarnock),
95 Jim McLoughlin (Ierne).

Did Not Show: Johnny Price (Lucan), John Mahony (Lucan), Darren Kane (Lucan), David Hayden (Lucan), Frank Connolly (Glenville), Greg Heffernan (Ierne), JR Crangle (Loughlinstown).


The following players will be joining Gareth Walsh in RGSC for the finals in a few weeks time.

100 David Horan (Glenville), 101 Robert Berney (Old County), 103 Lennon Blake (Old County), 105 Tom Brady (Portmarnock), 106 Paddy Gaynor (RGSC), 107 Davy Poole (Portmarnock), 107 Danny Kilduff (lucan), 107 W Fogarty (Ierne), 107 Brendan Coyne (Ierne) 108 Dave Maloney (Loughlinstown), 109 Barry Gorey (Lucan) 109 Ted Flynn (Lucan), 109 Dave Hayden (Lucan),), 110 Dermot Heffernan (Lucan), 110 Bertie Byrne (Glenville), 110 Conor O Shea (Old County), 110 Glen Woodward (Ierne), 111 Albert Mithen (Loughlinstown), 111 Christy Broe (Old County), 111 Dave Forman (Shandon), 112 Trevor Ward (Loughlinstown), 112 Gerry Ward (Lucan), 113 Noel Ryan (Lucan), 113 Martin Dowd (Portmarnock), 113 Trevor Heffernan (Ierne), 114 David Crum (Portmarnock), 115 Paddy Kelly (Loughlinstown), 115 Christy Kane (Lucan), 116 Gary Ryan (Lucan) on B18’s.

Trial Scores / Missed Cut: 1st Reserve: 116 Tom Balfe (Old County), 2nd Reserve: 117 Paul County (Lucan), 3rd Reserve: 118 David Lee (Lucan), 118 Richard Harkins (Loughlinstown), 119 Tony Fitzpatrick (Portmarnock), 121 Brian O Neill (CYMC), 125 Noel Leonard (Lucan), NR Paul Crinion (CYMC),
103 Tom McMorrow (Lucan), 109 Gareth Walsh (Lucan),

Did Not Show: Darren Egan (Old County), Sean Quinn (Glenville), Alan Mee (Portmarnock), Tom Judd (Portmarnock), Chris Cawley (Loughlinstown).