Dublin Stroke Play

The qualifiers are as follows
seniors JR Crangle,K Redmond.
G Mcgreal,J Joyce,G Healy.
A Malone,M Miller,C Egan.
P Nolan,S Murray,D Hayden.
P McGreal,E Mithen,K Birmingham.
P Noonan,T Ryan, C Broe.
D Kane,G Carthy,J Larkin.
M Walsh,N Lenihan, J Smith.
D Monaghan,J Kelly,T Walsh.
G Flanagan,T McMorrow,K Maher.
S Power,A Mahoney,P Sweeney.
Reserves,T Mason,M Cooley,D O Reilly.
D Redmond,D Creevey,N Ryan.
A Parsons,E Byrne,B Fitzpatrick
D Parsons,P Griffin,P Croke.
D Reid,G Ryan,T McEwan.
G Woodword,T Brady,A Carroll.
T Gallagher,S Keatinge,T McMorrow
D Hayden,P Gorey,T McDonnell.
D Mulroy,T Ward,R Harkin.
E Doyle,T Heffernan,P Dillon.
Reserves B Gorey,T Lynam,J Power.
A Poleon,D Lee,R Ryan.
J Dillon,H Holmes,M J Maher.
H O Keefe,J King,D Roy
A Kinsella,P Keogh,S Needham.
Reserves J Condron,M Bagnell,G Mooney.
Finals take place in Lucan on Sunday 5th July and our sponsors are Drain Doctors.
Thanks to Old Co and RGSC for hosting the qualifiers also all who entered and the people who helped out during the days play.