Dublin Match Play Senior Gents

Senior Preliminary draw at Erins Isle 29th August.
0930 A Mahoney v M Millar
0934 J Judge v A McGreal
0938 J Larkin v B Crean
0942 M Farrell v A Parsons
0946 S Power v P Sweeney
1000 D Hayden v C Gallagher
1004 P Cromwell v J McLoughlin
1008 G Clarges v K Bermingham
1012 T Ryan v P Nolan
1016 C Egan v P Noonan
1020 E Byrne v D Creevey
1024 T O Reilly v J Joyce
1028 J R Crangle v G Healy
1032 K Redmond v P McGreal
1036 G Fitzpatrick v H Kelly
1040 A Malone v G McGreal
1044 D Healy v S Cadogan
1048 A Lowe v D O Reilly
The following players are asked to attend Erins Isle for live draw @ 1130
S Murray,E Mithen,G Heffernan,D Courage,D Kane,K Maher,J Smith,A O Droighneain,D Wells,D Poole,S Brady,D Monaghan,B Keating and N Lenihan.
PPUI Dress Code Applies.