Dublin Leagues South

The leagues in full swing and positions are as follows
Gents Senior South
Lucan 14pts
L/Town 9 1/2 pts
Old Co 9 1/2 pts
G/Ville 3 pts
Gents Inter South
Lucan 26pts
G/Ville 23 pts
CPM 19 1/2 pts
Old Co 17 pts
L/Meadows 14pts
RGSC 8 1/2pts
Gents Junior South
Lucan 19 1/2 pts
CPM 17pts
RGSC 7 1/2 pts
G/Ville 6pts
Old Co 4pts
Ladies Class 1 South
RGSC 15pts
Lucan 2 1/2pts
G/Ville 1/2pts
Ladies Class 2
G/Ville 9pts
Ierne 5pts
Lucan 4pts
Update on Northside Tables ASAP