Dublin Leagues: Gents Juniors: Lucan make it eight in a row.

The Lucan Juniors continue to break records as they notched up an astonishing eight title in Ierne on Thursday night. Old County have suffered more than most at the hands of Lucan and it was to be the same result on Thursday night. Things though started well for the Kimmage club as they clinched the opening doubles. However Lucan bounced back to win match 2 and Match 3 was a tight affair that threatened to go eitherway but crucially the champions won it on the 17th to lead 2-1. In the Singles Old County needed early points and they did win Match 1. However Match 2 went to Lucan and when Lucan Captain Stephen Needham clinched match 3, they were within 1 point of the title. It duly arrived when recently crowned Dublin Junior Inter County Captain David Lee won his match on the 16th. Lucan had once again delivered the title on what has been a quiet year for them, however if the ladies can beat RGSC on Monday night in Old County then it will have been a good return from the campaign. Ierne was at its stunning best but with a challenge as well for the players. Christy Dobbs said he was just responsible for just two of the eight wins, but praised the squad they had assembled and the players who had patiently waited for their opportunity to play. He paid tribute to Old County and said the game had been very close. Old County captain Frank Gallagher acknowledged Lucan’s achievement but paid tribute to the commitment of his squad and was overjoyed to see young players blossom during the campaign. Dublin Chairman Anthony Malone welcome PPUI President Eamonn Birchall to the final after he made a surprise appearance. He thanked Mark Millar for his work and thanked Ierne for hosting it. Anthony also wished the  Junior Dublin team the very best of luck in the forthcoming Inter Counties in Castletown next month. Our next league final will be in Old County next Monday as Lucan takes on RGSC in the ladies final.