After a decent start to the morning, weather conditions deteriorated dramatically and the call from the DCB was to call all Saturdays play to a halt. This means that all scores today will be void and everyone will start tomorrow from scratch.

You will go to your designated Sunday course as per the original timesheet.
We will not have an overall GRIP Winner in 2017 as no team will play all 4 courses and teams will all play varying courses.
We will now have 2 sections with 36 Nett & 36 Gross winners in both sections. We will have 18 Nett and 18 Gross winners in each course.

Section 1: Groups A,B,E,F who all play Glenville and RGSC tomorrow.

Section 2: Groups B,C,G,H who all play Erins Isle and Lucan tomorrow
We wish to apologise for today but the weather was not in our favour despite all courses being playable up to the point of cancellation.
Any further updates will be posted as soon as possible.

Tomorrows play:
Group A: 1.30pm Glenville, 3.30pm RGSC
Group B: 1.30pm RGSC, 3.30pm Glenville
Group C: 1.30pm Erins Isle, 3.30pm Lucan
Group D: 1.30pm Lucan, 3.30pm Erins Isle
Group E:  9.30am Glenville, 11.30am RGSC
Group F:  9.30am RGSC, 11.30am Glenville
Group G: 9.30am Erins Isle, 11.30am Lucan
Group H: 9.30am Lucan, 11.30am Erins Isle