The Dublin County Board is a member of the Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland and is made up of 17 clubs. We have monthly meetings during the season and organise County Leagues, Competitions and Championships. We are always happy to answer your questions at whether you are a member of a club with a question or someone who has an interest in playing Pitch and Putt and need help in doing so.
The Dublin County Board officers are currently:

Chairman – Anthony Malone (Lucan)
A double All-Ireland Champion, Anthony Malone became Dublin County Board in 2012 and has brought new ideas and enthusiasm to the position. “Skinner” is one of the best known players in Ireland and his popularity is of huge value to the Dublin County Board. His vast experience as a former Competition Secretary for the Board has meant he has had a great start to his tenure.
Secretary – Darren Thornberry (RGSC)
A former Dublin Senior Matchplay winner and Inter-County player, Darren has recently taken up the secretary role for the DCB. A great attention for detail and immaculate reports, Darren has taken to the job like a duck to water.

Treasurer – Marise Carroll (RGSC)
Marise came into the role of Treasurer on the back of a number of years helping her husband and long term Dublin Hon. Secretary Derek in fulfilling his role. Marise keeps the finances of the board in impeccable order and at the same time keeps right on top of a lot of the administrative and organisational side of the sport. Often unheralded, this type of work is vital to the success of a County Board.
Juveniles Officer – Miriam Salmon (RGSC)
Our Juvenile Officer Miriam Salmo took on the job in 2017 taking over from the incredible work Jim Milligan had left in his very successful years. A great worker with the younger generation of players giving her time and huge dedication to the cause, trying to increase the juvenile participation in the county of Dublin.
League  Secretary – Junior Smith (RGSC)
The Dublin Board Leagues for the last number of years have been run with Junior Smith at the helm. Junior has put a lot of time and effort into trying to increase the participation of players & clubs with new formats and has overseen some fantastic play throughout these past few years. Long may it last